We don’t just work with asphalt, we work on concrete roads too.

Recently, R3 Ltd was commissioned by National Highways and Roadgrip Ltd to undertake friction and sand patch testing as part of the trial for longitudinal grooving of concrete roads.

Our micro GripTester was used to measure wet and dry skid resistance. This allowed for the survey to be done in a safe manner in the traffic management enclosure without the need for a vehicle travelling at speed.

The Volumetric (Sand) Patch Test was completed in accordance with standard EN 13036-1. This is used to determine the mean texture depth of a surface using glass beads. This was done on treated and untreated sections.

The results showed the skid resistance had improved by around 30% and the texture had increased by 0.2mm, which was within the requirements for the trial.

Read the full case study here: https://r3ltd.com/project/m20-friction-texture-testing