Specialist consultancy services for motorsport governing bodies, track designers, track operators and teams.

Research & development

Research based approach to tyre/surface interaction and racetrack surface characteristics.

R3 Ltd was formed to develop the research work undertaken over 12 years at Ulster University. Transferring knowledge from the roads and airports industry, the research has created processes and procedures to better understand racetrack surfaces and the interface with race vehicle tyres. As a result, R3 are now providing taking the knowledge gained to help motorsport better understand the surfaces they race on.

Much is talked about in motorsport regarding track surfaces and grip. However, little is considered from the surface material and characteristics perspective. R3 Ltd offer independent consultancy, testing and development services to improve performance and safety.

We offer the following services for racetracks

  • Consultancy for racetrack surface design and construction
  • Racetrack surface testing
  • Help with understanding racetrack surface characteristics
  • Asset management for racetrack operators
  • Consultancy on racetrack surface treatments and remedial works
  • Development of appropriate surface material design
  • Development of research-based racetrack testing systems
  • Consultancy services to motorsport teams and tyre manufacturers to help understand tyre/surface interface

Other Services


As leading academics undertaking research on road surface materials and characteristics we specialise in non-standard testing and consultancy.


R3 provide standard testing services for airport Pavement Management Systems (PMS) as well as specialised testing for runways around the globe.

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