Surface and material testing services for roads and highways

Research & development

Development of process and procedures for road operators

R3 offer a unique consultancy and testing service for the highway industry in the UK, Ireland and the World. Utilising a specialist Highway Laboratory, with over thirty years of experience in the road’s industry, R3 Ltd can offer non-standard solutions to problem areas of highways and material approval. Our core value of taking a research-based approach to difficult highway material problems allows us to offer unique solutions to problems. With the ability to advise, create and test solutions R3 Ltd can work with road operators, asphalt providers and highway authorities to develop materials and unique solutions.


Optimised 3D surveying and surfacing workflow


LiDAR scanning of road surfaces

We specialise in the following areas for roads and highways

  • Tyre/surface interaction
  • Road surface characteristics
    Skid resistance / Rolling resistance / Noise
  • Material testing
  • Surface material failure
  • Product research and development
  • Development of process and procedures for road operators
  • Training
  • Advanced wear tests
  • Highway material development
  • Development of testing techniques

Other Services


R3 provide standard testing services for airport Pavement Management Systems (PMS) as well as specialised testing for runways around the globe.


R3 offer independent consultancy, testing and development services to the motorsport industry to ensure quality and satisfaction with racetrack surfaces. 

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