Surface and material testing services for airport runways

Research & development

Development of process and procedures for airport operators

The continual monitoring of runway surfaces is not only mandatory under international guidelines but important for whole-life management of an airports most critical asset.  R3 can help you with this by providing standard testing services for airport Pavement Management Systems (PMS) as well as specialised testing services for runways around the globe.  Our team have carried out surveys around the world to ICAO, UK CAA and FAA legislation. 

R3 provide a full PMS service including Pavement Condition Index (PCI) survey in accordance with ASTM D340 for airport pavements.  We also provide Pavement Classification Number (PCN) survey.  All our airport surveys are completed to the highest standard in accordance with legislative authority regulations.  Our reports are all accredited by experienced industry professionals.


Optimised 3D surveying and surfacing workflow


LiDAR scanning of runway surfaces


Intelligent airport asset management software

We offer the following services for runways

  •  Friction Testing
  • Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD)
  • Crack surveys
  • 3D surface modelling
  • Profilometer
  • IRI – International Roughness Indicator
  • Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Pavement Classification Number (PCN)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Other Services


As leading academics undertaking research on road surface materials and characteristics we specialise in non-standard testing and consultancy.


R3 offer independent consultancy, testing and development services to the motorsport industry to ensure quality and satisfaction with racetrack surfaces. 

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