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Recently, R3 Ltd was asked by MotorSport Vision Ltd to provide our specialist testing for a resurfacing project at the world-famous Brans Hatch racing circuit.

The track is in use for around 350 days per year. Two corners needed to be resurfaced due to the current surface course coming to the end of its life. Track access and weather meant that resurfacing had to be done in a very short window so as not to impact track operations.

Working with the Principal Contractor, Thomas Bow , R3 Ltd designed a specification and paving methodology to ensure that the resultant works were appropriate for the high levels of stress placed on the asphalt from high performance vehicles traveling at extreme speeds. The specification was agreed with Thomas Bow who worked with R3 Ltd and the supply chain to deliver the resurfacing works in just two days making sure the surface was ready for track use immediately afterwards.

To read our full case study, please go to: https://r3ltd.com/project/brands-hatch-patching-project